Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Enoteca Fascista

After the ballet, entitled "Ghetto," at the Teatro Nazionale, Marco Cremaschi, his wife and I, went looking for a place for a drink.  Across the street from the place where a Klezmer-themed ballet was playing, we passed by this enoteca (regional wine store and bar), across from the theater.  And these were the bottles prominently on display.  I was today told, by Adachiara Zevi, that this is a well-known right-winger who freely displays his political beliefs in these wine bottles.

It disturbingly fits into my continuing question to Italians I meet:  where in Rome is there a museum or historic site which confronts the role of the Italian citizenry in the rise and "success" of Mussolini? Where is there an honest confrontation with their own responsibility and culpability?  I have yet to get an affirmative answer.

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