Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Images of San Lorenzo and Pigneto

I took a long walk with Anna Betbeze, Laura Newman and Chuck Hagen through the neighborhoods of San Lorenzo and Pigneto, working-class and immigrant areas, with strong Communist histories.  It was a Rome on the periphery of the historic center, a mile from Termini, but far from the crowds and the tourist city.

We enjoyed a late afternoon drink at Necci, Pasolini's cafe, where it seems much of the neighborhood congregates, from early morning to late at night, and then had dinner (thanks to Anna) at a truly fantastic Ethiopian restaurant, Mesob, hidden in a courtyard off a main street.  

Chuck Hagen, looking from the back a little like Robert Venturi in Learning from Las Vegas.

Necci, the neighborhood bar in Pigneto, where Pier Paolo Pasolini lived and wrote, and filmed part of his film, Accattone.

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