Monday, January 20, 2014

Sono arrivato! I have arrived!

I am sitting in my new office, a huge space with twenty-foot ceilings and a full-height window out of which I can see the historic center of Rome.  There is an easel,  a huge table with some former occupant's outline of the geometric relationships in Borromini's San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, and a whole wall-length of cork board waiting for photographs.

The trip was easy (flights on time, a free seat next to me, a car waiting to take me to the Academy on my arrival).  My room is spartan but perfectly nice, and looks out over the Academy's central, stone-filled courtyard, with tall Italian pines.  I sense that some of the furniture may have been here since the founding of the Academy!

I thought I would sit right down and get to work while it is rainy outside.  Soon I'll explore the building and join the other fellows at lunch.

More soon.....

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