Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ellis Island, and my Family

I am just back from a lovely weekend in New York with my family.  We managed to see two musicals -- Wicked and Pippin -- and take a pilgrimage to Ellis Island.  (We are fairly sure that my father, and Eve's grandmother were not processed for immigration on the island, but on the boats they were traveling on).  Before they arrived, I also managed to get to the Futurism show at the Guggenheim, and the nearby "Degenerate Art" show at the nearby Neue Galerie, which recreates the art shows designed to highlight art -- usually contemporary, and predominantly Jewish -- that was deemed "degenerate" by the Nazis.  It was a parallel movement to Hitler's desire to loot all of the collections of "good" art from around Europe, and create a new massive new museum in Germany.  This is the subject of the Monuments Men book and film (which I saw on the flight over and was, alas, pretty awful).

Here are a couple of photographs from the visit.

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